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Rachel Willis

Trust and follow your gut instinct when it communicates with you. It’s that inner nudge which encourages you to take action, or equally, warns you against a course of action.

When you receive an intuitive whisper from within, you may well be unaware of where it is leading. In fact, you most probably won’t be. It’s comparable to driving at night and only being able to see the immediate road ahead that is illuminated by your car’s headlights, yet you trust that even though you can’t see it when you set off, in the end you will arrive at your destination.

In order to get full value from this internal compass, it is necessary to regularly check in with your gut instinct.

Sometimes this can be tricky, so an easy exercise is to sit quietly and imagine how your life would be if you chose Scenario A (for instance, moving to a new home) – see how your gut instinctively reacts, does it tighten in fear or does it expand with confidence and belief? Repeat this exercise for each separate scenario and trust that your gut will lead you to making the all right decisions to nurture, safeguard and create your future.

So often we brush these feelings aside, but your intuition is talking to you, are you listening?

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